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With breaches resulting in loss of sensitive information, reputation, recovery costs and custom, keeping data secure is a priority for any business. In fact, it’s probably one of the main reasons you considered using a data centre in the first place. But can you rely on your colocation facility to keep your mission critical data as safe as it can be? Itility talks you through the 5 reasons that make data centres a reliable and fortified environment for your IT infrastructure.

1. Physical security

Data centre sites are highly secure facilities, protected around the clock by specialist security staff and guarded with various levels of access controls. Grounds will be under non-stop physical and digital surveillance, and procedures will be in place to authorise or supervise visitors. With these measures in place, it is particularly unlikely that your data can be attacked or stolen within the confines of a data centre.

2. Constant monitoring

Network Operation Centres (or NOCs) form the heart of a data centre, and house the skilled engineers who will watch and monitor your equipment 24/7/365. Working in shifts day and night, IT professionals will always be on hand to alert you to any changes or to perform remote hands assistance, and can make adjustments to the environment to keep things running at their optimal levels.

3. Redundancy

Whilst you might think you can do a pretty good job of keeping your data secure with your own on-premise comms room, your site is unlikely to be as amply prepared for any eventuality as a data centre. Colocation facilities are designed to be highly redundant, meaning that there are backup options for every process. There will be duplicate generators onsite, two or more of most systems, contingency plans and well-rehearsed procedures for every type of mechanical failure and technical error, ensuring that should something go wrong in any part of the chain, the standby kicks into action and you won’t experience any dropout in service.

4. Whatever happens

Data centres, and the staff who work in them, are always expecting, and are prepared for, the worst. They are experts in preventing data loss, and in disaster recovery, and will be much more alert to data threats than you can be alone. Engineers are experienced in dealing with deliberate threats such as DDoS attacks and hacking, are always looking for new ways to keep their network even more secure, and will be able to advise you on the best ways of staying safe against cyber crimes.

5. Built for disasters

Data centre buildings are often purpose built, or adapted, with all sorts of natural and man-made disasters in mind, with many designed to physically withstand a variety of phenomenon and emergencies. They will be equipped to cope with all kinds of unexpected occurrences, with features such as advanced fire suppression systems as standard. Your equipment will always be stored in the correct environmental conditions, protected against extremes of temperature and closely watched at all times.

With these points in mind, it should be easy to see how entrusting your data to a securely guarded, state of the art data centre will protect your data from technical failures, deliberate attack and unexpected disasters. Colocation is managed by professionals whose job it is to constantly think about protecting your data, so that you don’t have to.

Trust Itility data centre to keep your data secure.

When it comes to data security, Itility has all bases covered. Our team of skilled engineers are on-site 24/7 to provide remote hands assistance for your equipment, so your data is monitored and cared for, with evolved security procedures protecting our modern facility. For further details, visit our colocation page, or simply get in touch to find out how our Manchester site can provide a viable alternative to a London data centre, with safety guaranteed.

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