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You might think that because we’ve chosen to build a privately owned and operated data centre in the heart of Manchester, that we’d be slightly biased towards the benefits of our city as a hub for colocation. And you’d be right. But don’t take our word for it. Here are the four key reasons why we’re championing Manchester as the place to host your data and IT infrastructure with Itility.

1. Because it’s Manchester!

Our contemporary data centre site is located only two miles from Manchester’s thriving city centre. That means that we’re situated alongside a strong business and retail community, in a part of the UK that has seen enormous growth. Our multi-million pound, 8,900sft site is bringing business to the North West, and hopefully that includes yours.

2. Because it’s not London…

Living and working in the Capital brings a wealth of opportunities to employees and businesses, but basing your data solely in London also increases the risk of being affected by adverse threats from those looking to target such a busy hub. The likelihood of emergencies occurring in London is higher than throughout the rest of the UK, posing a bigger threat to your colocation needs.

3. Because it’s where you are

If you’re in Manchester or the North of England, we’re an ideal colocation solution for your business. We’re easily accessible, and offer local data centre services without the need for travelling to London. We understand the needs of businesses within our community, and are always on hand to help you get the most out of our impressive facilities.

4. Because it’s not where you are

You don’t have to be local to view Manchester as a viable site for your colocation needs or as a contingency option. Many disaster recovery plans are made stronger by placing your IT infrastructure, or duplicates of your IT infrastructure, away from your main location. This means that should your business premises, immediate area or primary local data centre be affected by natural damage or man-made threat, you still have a secondary system in place to keep you up and running.

Trust Itility (and Manchester) to keep your data secure.

Whether you’re our nearby neighbours, or friends from further afield, we’ll provide the same level of premium customer support that you expect from Itility. Our team of skilled engineers are on-site 24/7 to provide remote hands assistance for your equipment, so your data is monitored and cared for regardless of whether you’re able to reach us, or not. For further details, visit our colocation page, or simply get in touch to find out how we can provide a viable alternative to a London data centre, wherever you may be.

Our Awards

An award-winning company, Itility has been recognised in the following ways:

Green I.T. Awards 2013 Finalist DatacenterDynamics Awards EMEA 2012 Finalist datacentre solutions awards 2013 winner

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